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Christine Lively

Travel Designer

Fairfax, Virginia

Special Interests


Food & Drink

Wildlife & Nature

Favorite Destinations

Southern Europe

New York, NY

National Parks

Endless curiosity is what drives Christine's love for travel. Growing up with a father in the Air Force, discovering new places has been part of her life since birth. Living outside of Washington DC has been a way to discover the art, music, food, and traditions of the cultures of the world without leaving home. Researching, planning, and traveling to places she's never been has opened up even more discovery, and nothing is better than experiencing art, music, food, and traditions of a people where they are. Every trip for her will food tour, a hike, a gelato crawl, and a great library. She cannot wait to visit new places and to help people to find their own happiest places through travel.

Christine Lively
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