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The Gift of Travel Gadgets!

Nothing makes my heart go pitter-pat like a new travel gadget!   I know, it’s weird, but becoming a more efficient packer and tourist just makes me happy.   One of the best compliments to me is, “wow -you really packed light!” or, “OOH!  That is so cool!”.   Well, yes, I do try!  The gadgets in this post help to make a smoother packing and travel experience (yes, I do have almost all of these so no need to buy me these, family!)!  Most of these products are on Amazon, so you still have time to get some glorious stocking stuffers for your family’s travelers. 

There is no doubt about it, some of us must carry a supply of medications.  This little box is so helpful! I used my hand- dandy label maker and now each compartment has a spot for everything needed.  I take photos of the prescription bottles in case I get stopped in security, but that has never ever happened.

Have you noticed that hotel room lights are getting dimmer and dimmer?  Well, I have.  Some hotels in other countries have few mirrors to share.  I now take this flat portable mirror with me in case my travel friend hogs the one in the bathroom (which can also have very poor lighting). 

How many chargers does it take to charge every electronic device you have?  Well, sometimes it’s a lot of cords to keep around.   I keep this bag in my carry-on so it’s handy on my flights and in my hotel rooms.

Locations around the world have a variety of electric plug options.  If you don’t have the proper adaptor, you can truly experience a lot of frustration.  This fabulous little contraption helps solve that issue in nearly any possible place!

Have you ever been on a cruise or at a resort when your bathing suit is still wet but it’s time to pack it go home?  Fear no more – this bag works as a beach bag as well as a waterproof option to get those soggy things back home. 

When traveling through airports it is very important to have your travel documents/identification in a very safe place – usually on your person.  There are bags in all sizes and shapes to assist in keeping your passport, tickets, credit cards etc safe with RFID protection.   This neck wallet is one option for you. If you prefer a waterproof travel purse that doubles as a bag that is easy to keep close the front of your body, this one has been tested all over the British Isles and I do recommend it! 

If you, or someone you like to buy gifts for enjoys traveling with lots of jewelry for any occasion, this little jewelry organizer is perfect for those precious items, and it’s lovely as well!

Dirty laundry is inevitable, sad to say.  My friend gave me this very small laundry bag that I take with me on every trip!

Let’s make this an even TEN gadget suggestions, so I’ll include one I don’t have!  This airplane pocket is definitely an item I am eyeing. On long flights it can be very frustrating if you drop all the things you need close to you during those hours.   And you can take it home and wash it!

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge for sure, but these affordable items just might bring a smile to someone’s face – especially because it means they may have their next trip coming up! I know some travel designers that can help you with that.

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