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Stuffed Stockings for the Adults This Christmas

The holidays are all about the kiddos. When I was a little guy, I dreaded being a grown-up during Christmastime. Their presents were so boring, socks? A necktie, no thanks!

Our family had four decades of uninterrupted Christmas days with youngsters overjoyed by a visit from Santa. But over the years, our family added a new tradition. One for the adults - stockings of our own to open! There are a few rules:

  • The grown-ups each bring one item under $20 to gift to another pre-assigned recipient and, it has to fit in the stocking.

  • Each person also picks a sweet treat or snack to add. Some popular ideas are mini bags of pretzels, bite-size chocolates, or packs of candy.

  • A small gift plus six or seven items equals stuffed stockings for everyone. One last must; it’s winter, and we all need our vitamins too. So everyone participating (including the kids) receives an orange in their stocking. It all started with my grandfather; he said it kept scurvy away!

  • An important tip - decide if joke gifts are okay in advance. Uncle Stan and his kooky gift might make Aunt Jane a bit miffed. If everyone is game, then play on!

Here are some ideas for your favorite traveler:

  1. Portable backgammon set – for the gamer on the go.

  2. Joke candle, when you can’t decide!

  3. Food dice – foodies will love this.

  4. Customized can cooler – for your beer or fancy soda fan.

  5. Brass customized compass – trail hikers will appreciate this idea.

Happy holidays!

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