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Stocking Stuffers ADVENT-ure: Kids Edition

Traveling with younger children can sometimes be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Keeping them entertained goes a long way to making the trim much more pleasant. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for kids to help pass the time and be more comfortable along the journey!

This quiet drawing book is perfect size for a young child’s backpack and includes everything they need to color and create in a non-messy way. This will keep kids entertained in the car, train, airport, or even at a restaurant.

Keep older kids busy with Hangman, Dots & Boxes, On-the-Go Bingo, Connect 5, TIC-TAC-TOE and Categories in this set of activity books perfect for on the go!

This adjustable height blow-up travel pillow fills the gap between two airline or car seats, extending the seat length. The extra surface can allow children to lay down flat or lift their leg up for better sleep.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Simply attach the ties of this tray to the plane table for 100% stability. With raised sides, nothing can fall out and onto the floor. Additionally, there is even a place to hold a cup or bottle and a folding front panel with mesh pocket for pens, crayons, felt pens and pencils.

Got a summer road trip planned? Keep the kids entertained with this lively road atlas is full of fun facts, great information, easy-to-read maps, lots of games, and amazing pictures of everything from wacky road signs to national monuments.

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