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Stocking Stuffers ADVENT-ure: Electronics Edition

Electronics are a way of life, and even if we wanted to, leaving home without them probably isn’t a good idea. In this edition of HRA ADVENT-ure Stocking Stuffers we offer some ideas to help keep them running and useful.

Charge your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker headset, power bank, or any other USB powered devices anywhere in the world with this handy 4-port all-in-one travel adapter.

Let’s face it – you know you are going to be traveling with a lot of cables, and the last thing you want to do over and over again is rummage through a Ziplock bag trying to find the correct one. This cable organizer keeps things neat and in their place.

Need to charge something a little bit more powerful than a USB device but not so sure that the hotel or cruise cabin will have enough outlets? This carry-on compact size power strip is perfect for travel.

There is nothing worse than misplacing a bag or losing a set of keys, especially while traveling. Apple AirTags are a super easy way to keep track of your stuff. Just attach an AirTag to the item and you will be able to find it whether it is close by or far away.

It’s a tripod, it’s a selfie stick – no wait it is both! Sometimes there is no one around to help you get that perfect shot, so having a light weight and portable option to help you record that unforgettable moment is key.

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