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Social Justice Through Travel: The Civil Rights Movement

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

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As we remember and celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. today, I can't help but also reflect upon the strides the United States has taken in the last two years towards recognizing the racial inequities that still exist as well as the concrete measures that we have taken in both diversity and inclusion to work towards a more equitable society.

By no means have we solved these ills, but wrestling with and acknowledging our history can only serve to propel us forward.

Travel rooted in history makes the past more present, and if you are looking to add an educational and historical enrichment component to your next United States travel plans, here are some great ideas to jump-start your thinking.

Social Justice Travel Spots

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Located in Washington, DC, it is the newest Smithsonian Institute museum, opening its doors in September 2016. Of particular interest is the permanent exhibit A Changing America: 1968 and Beyond, which concentrates on the impact African Americans have had in all aspects of American culture, including the arts, politics, and economics.

We Shall Overcome Travel Itinerary

Recognized by the African American Civil Rights Network in 2019, this National Park Service travel itinerary highlights important sites in over twenty US States that have impacted the Civil Rights movement.

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Park

This National Parks Service designated area is comprised of roughly 35 acres in Atlanta, Georgia with several sites that shaped Martin Luther King, Jr.

Where else have you explored that has left an imprint on your social justice consciousness?

Whether the Civil Rights Movement or other historical interests, our amazing team of travel designers is ready to assist in shaping your next journey.

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