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Santa's Village

Just days away from Christmas, one can assume the Big Guy isn’t traveling too far from the North Pole!  However, when Santa takes some well-deserved time away from the workshop, you might find him in Jefferson, New Hampshire.  Nestled in northern New Hampshire with stunning views of the White Mountains is Santa’s Village, a Christmas-themed amusement park where the entire family can immerse themselves in all things jolly! 

I first visited Santa’s Village as a child with my parents and grandparents, and now, as a mother of four, it has become a special spot for my family where we’ve made our own merry memories. Having traveled to Santa’s Village with infants to teenagers and kids every age in between, I continue to be impressed with how much this little park offers the entire family. 

A favorite of my children, and usually our first stop after entering the park, is picking up a card at Elf University to play the Elfabet game.  Throughout the day, in between rides, shows, and snacks, we try to find all 26 Elves, A-Z!  Upon completing their cards (or even coming close), kids can trade their Elfabet cards in for a small prize, diploma, and if you’re lucky, a few elves humming  “Pomp and Circumstance'' as you exit the building. 

What would a trip to Santa’s Village be without getting some time face-time with Santa himself? Besides, an early plug for those big wish list items never hurts!  Not only do you get to spend time visiting Santa in his adorable cottage, but you also have the opportunity to feed his reindeer!


If feeding Dancer and Prancer reminds you that you also need a snack, Santa's Village has no shortage of choices.  There are plenty of kid-friendly options, including really good - not just theme park good - pizza at Nick’s Emporium!  If you ask my children, the gingerbread cookies from the Sugar N’ Spice Bakeshop are a must.  At the bakery, you can pick a gingerbread figure and then decorate it yourself.  My kids go wild with the icing but as long as they promise to share a bite (or three), I’m okay with it! 

After the sugar kicks in, I recommend checking out Santa’s Waterpark which offers water slides, splash pads, pools, and cabanas!  We often end our day here in the summer.  It is a great way for the kids to cool down, and burn a little energy, before the ride home.  Just be prepared for your tween to ask you to take at least ten slow-motion videos of the giant bucket of water falling on their head. 

Santa’s Village is a wonderful little amusement park.  Many New England residents return year after year, which is a testament to the quality of the park and its ability to combine nostalgia and new experiences perfectly.  Besides, who could resist going back for one more gingerbread cookie? 

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