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Introducing the HRA 2022 Reading Challenge!

Is your wanderlust a bit wanderdusty after the last twenty months? Yeah, ours, too. Both Cheryl and I have been participating in the annual Popsugar Reading Challenge each year, and we thought...let's make our own!

So, here are the rules.

  1. Check out the PDF of the 52 book categories for 2022. You'll begin to notice some themes...

  2. Join the Holiday Road Adventures Reading Challenge Facebook group to get in on all the fun! We will also host a forum on this site beginning January 2022.

  3. Choose a book for each category.

  4. Read it.

  5. Tell us what you thought! That's it! That's the entire challenge!

  6. Oh, one more rule. HAVE FUN.

What are you excited to read for the challenge? Tell us in the comments!

--Allegra and Cheryl

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