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Food & Drink ADVENT-ure: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Nothing says the winter season to me like hot chocolate. Growing up in the Northeast, my mom would always have some ready for us when we came in from sledding – or shoveling as we got older – and it was always a welcome treat! I live in Florida now, but every year my family puts on pajamas, grabs some hot cocoa, and heads to Walt Disney World to watch the last Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party fireworks of the year. It may not be cold outside, but it still warms my heart to continue this tradition year after year.

This past summer, my family visited Luxembourg and we spent an afternoon in the most delightful restaurant across from the Palace – the Chocolate House of Luxembourg. Sure, they serve amazing chocolate creations – cakes, candies, and tarts – but my favorite was their chocolate spoons! Imagine placing a chocolate-laden utensil into a steaming hot cup of milk and watching it turn into a delicious drink. Add a few extra flavors or candies into the mix, and you have yourself one amazing treat.

Which got me thinking – could I recreate this delicacy at home and enhance my yearly fireworks and hot chocolate tradition?! Yes, indeed I can! So, after experimenting a bit in the kitchen, here is a quick recipe for homemade Chocolate Spoons.


  • 1-3 bags of chocolate chips, any flavor (I used a mix of half Andes Creme De Menthe Baking Chips and half semi-sweet, but milk, dark, white or a mix of chocolates work as well.)

  • Toppings as desired. (for example: crushed Oreos, crushed peppermints, marshmallows, mini-M&M’s, etc.)

  • Silicone ice cube trays

  • Plastic or Bamboo spoons

  • 1 cup hot milk for each spoon used


  1. Empty chip bag into a microwave safe bowl or measuring glass. Heat for 30 seconds, take out and stir. Place back into microwave for 30 additional seconds. Remove and stir again. Continue until it's completely melted.

  2. Repeat this process for any additional chocolate flavors.

  3. Place 2-3 TBS of a combined mix of your melted chocolates into each tray compartment.

  4. Place plastic or wooden spoon into center of chocolate. Get creative and sprinkle whatever toppings you would like and mash down a little so it will stick to the chocolate.

  5. Once all compartments are filled and each has a spoon in it, place in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes to set.

  6. Once set and out of the refrigerator, give the trays a little twist carefully to release, and pull out the spoons very carefully.

  7. One spoon will make 1 cup of hot chocolate using hot milk.

  8. Stir for a few minutes to have it melt into milk.

  9. Enjoy!

Any unused chocolate spoons can be stored in an airtight container or wrapped up in a plastic gift bag and given away as a special present. While you can, you do not need to refrigerate.

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