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Molokai, the Friendly Isle

The fifth largest island, Molokai is only thirty-eight miles long and ten miles across at its widest point. The sea cliffs of Molokai are some of the highest in the world, reaching heights of up to 3,900 feet from sea level. Visiting Molokai is similar to stepping back in time to a slower pace, where you can have an authentic Hawaiian experience that combines culture, adventure, and appreciation for nature. No visit to Molokai is complete without tasting the famous melt-in-your-mouth “hot bread” from Kanemitsu Bakery. This bakery has been attracting visitors and locals alike for years. There are no resorts or luxury hotels on Molokai. Hotel Molokai is the only hotel on the island; however, there are vacation condominiums available on the west end of the island as well as in central Molokai. If you like to diverge from the beaten path and truly get off the grid while on vacation, consider vacationing on Molokai.

Molokai, the Friendly Isle

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