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Allegra J Lingo

Creative Director

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Special Interests


Food & Drink


Favorite Destinations



Walt Disney World

Allegra took her first plane ride at three months old, and hasn't stopped traveling since. She comes from a long wanderlusting lineage, and has visited forty-four US states (plus Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.) as well as nineteen other countries, including living for a year in Dublin, Ireland. Allegra's favorite thing to do while traveling is head to the local pubs and talk to people. Outside of travel Allegra is a writer and musician, and lives in Minnesota with her wife Amy and daughter Matilda.

"Allegra was in lock step with us throughout our journey to Europe, from the first exciting brainstorming session to literally checking in with us as we moved from destination to destination through our trip. She was exceptional to work with."

Allegra J Lingo
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