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Stocking Stuffers ADVENT-ure: Toiletries Edition

A well-organized toiletry travel kit is the key to making travel easier and choosing the best toiletry bag and items can bring order and tranquility to your trip. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas to help get you travel-ready.

Cute Toiletry Bag

This adorable VW Bus inspired toiletry bag will have everyone in the family smiling. Made from recycled plastic, it is waterproof and comes in Blue, Green, Pink, Red – so everyone can have their own!

TSA Approved Travel Size Containers

This is a nice assortment of travel containers comes with 4 Travel Bottles, 4 Travel Jars, 2 Spray Bottles, 2 Scoopers, 1 Funnel, 1 Cleaning Brush, allowing you take along your favorite beauty products without having to check a bag.

Travel Toiletries Kit

Don’t feel like packing your own products from home? This prepackaged set includes everything you need – from shampoo and conditioner to shaving cream and headache medicine.


Sharing a bathroom with the whole family can get a little...smelly. This scientifically tested bathroom deodorizing formula is made of essential oils and other natural compounds, is completely chemical-free and leaves the bathroom smelling great. Something everyone will appreciate.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Getting through TSA security is snap with this durable, sturdy, and comfortable to drink from water bottle. It is PBA-free and rolls up for compact travel, loops around your wrist for easy carry, and can attach to your bag for quick access.

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